Cork Schoolboys League RULES SEASON 2015/2016

1. This amalgamation of Clubs shall be called the "Cork Schoolboys League" or such other name as may be decided at the A.G.M. All clubs in membership of the league must be affiliated to the S.F.A.I.

1A. At U12, U13 and U14 grades, no player will be entitled to transfer to, or join, any other club in the season following the season in which he participated (i.e. named as a player or substitute on the match card) in a competitive game for a Cork Schoolboys League Inter League team or an Irish team.

If there are no competitive Inter League games at the lowest competitive grade, this rule will apply to all players named on the official Cork Schoolboys League Development Panel which will be issued to all clubs by the end of each season.

At all other grades (from U15 and upwards), no club can sign more than three players in the season following the season in which they participated (i.e. named as a player or substitute on the match card) in a competitive game for a Cork Schoolboys League Inter League team or an Irish team. Any club with more than three players in a panel from the previous season will be able to keep those players.

Notwithstanding this rule, a request for a change of club may be submitted to the League, however such a request will only be considered in the most exceptional circumstances.

2. Any club in membership of the league has the right to appeal to the Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland, in accordance with rules of that body, against the decision of the League, S.F.A.I. Appeal Fee €500. S.F.A.I. Protest Fee €500. If the clubs wish to appeal the decision of the S.F.A.I. to the F.A.I., the fee is €500.

3. During the period of membership of the Cork Schoolboys League no player shall be at liberty to transfer to a Club outside its jurisdiction without the sanction of the Management Committee of the League.

4. A player can only play for one club in the League in any one season unless he has received his transfer from the club he last played for. No player can be registered unless he has received the transfer duly authorised. A transfer form must be signed by both club secretaries. The closing date for the receipt of duly completed transfer forms shall be 15th October of each year. The transfer form must be posted by prepaid post and post mark shall be conclusive evidence. The transfer season shall be the period from 1st August to the 15th October in any year.

5. In the event of a Club being suspended, removed or withdrawing from the League the Management Committee may grant permission for such Club's players to be registered for another Club. Players then without a club shall make written application to the league setting out the circumstances and name of the club they desire to assist. No club shall secure the services of more than three such players. No player can assist a second club in a cup competition in which he has already played. Players who withdraw their services from their club the previous season must apply in writing the following season to the league and name the club they desire to assist. No club shall be permitted to avail of the services of more than two such players.

6. In the event of a team being suspended, removed or withdrawing from the league, their record for played matches shall be void and they will be ineligible to participate in the next grade in the next season. The withdrawal of a team may not be accepted at the discretion of the League.

7. Clubs found guilty of playing an over-age player or players shall be removed from the Association for the remainder of the season. If two teams from the same club are so removed in the same season, the club will be ineligible to participate in the league in the following season.

8. All matches, venues and hours of kick-off shall be arranged by the Fixtures Secretary. No games will be fixed for St. Stephen’s Day or New Year’s Day. No Club or Clubs shall have the power to break or postpone a fixture and any Clubs not represented at delegate meeting shall be responsible for any fixture or fixtures made in their absence. Applications for cancellations of fixtures or changes in kick-off times will not be entertained. The Management Committee shall however be empowered to use their discretion in this matter if they deem circumstances so warrant.

9. Each Club in the League shall register its colours with the Hon. Secretary. In the event of two Clubs playing in similar colour the home team shall change colours when such Clubs meet in competition. The first Club that appears on the fixture list shall be deemed the home Club. Goalkeepers must wear colours which distinguish them from the other players.

10. Each Club must furnish to the Hon. Secretary of the League the name and address of its Hon. Secretary, names and addresses of all members of the Committee of the Club and its distinguishing colours. Clubs shall be required to keep minutes of meetings, showing the names and dates of election of new members, and to furnish same if called upon. All clubs must furnish on their entry form an email address in use by their Hon. Secretary. This will be the primary point of contact with the club.


11. All matches shall be played under the jurisdiction of the Schoolboys Football Association of Ireland and according to the laws of the game. No club or team or player shall take part in any competition, match or trials, outside the jurisdiction of the S.F.A.I. without prior sanction.

Application for such permission must be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary at least two weeks prior to the suggested match or trial. Any player or team or club contravening this provision shall be fined or suspended by the Association. No club or team in the Cork Schoolboys League can play clubs or teams outside jurisdiction without prior sanction of the League. This provision shall apply to all tournament games involving clubs within or outside the jurisdiction of the league, but shall not apply to friendly games involving clubs affiliated to the league.

12. The entrance fee for each team affiliated shall be decided annually. Fee to be paid on or before closing date for entries to each relevant age grouping.

13. By June 30th the Management Committee will make available downloadable registration forms to each club on the CSL website. These forms only must be used by all clubs for registration purposes. No unregistered player will be entitled to participate in any fixture arranged by the League and each player must be registered at least 24 hours before participating in any match. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that their players are properly registered and the Management Committee will not be responsible for any clubs failure to comply with this rule. Any team found to have played an unregistered player will automatically forfeit the points in favour of their opponents in league matches and forfeit the tie in cup matches. The League will arrange a registration meeting before the season commences to accept registrations which will only be valid when properly completed and stamped and countersigned by the Registrar. Single registration forms can only be accepted after all team registrations for the club have been submitted.

13a This rule only applies to local competitions. No player can play two grades above the grade for which he is primarily eligible. This restriction shall not apply to S.F.A.I national club competitions.

14. The referee’s card must be filled in prior to start of game and signed by the official in charge who shall certify as to the eligibility of his players. The official in charge who signs the Ref. Card must be over 18 years of age. 16 players may be included on the Referees card. Clubs shall be authorised to introduce 5 substitutes in all grades.

14a If a club has any doubt about the qualifications of any player on the opposing team they shall be at liberty to secure - at half time or full time a photograph of the opposing team on making representation to the Referee. The signature and date of birth of the player or players concerned must also be supplied on demand. Such signature to be made on the Referee's Card and witnessed by him. Refusal to accede to such requests may be regarded as an admission of guilt.

15. Matches shall be started at the appointed time of kick-off and clubs guilty of a breach of this rule will be dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee. Clubs failing to fulfil fixtures may be removed from league should the Management Committee decide that circumstance so warrant.

15a. In local Cup Competitions the 1st team drawn shall have the advantage of home venue up to and including the semi-final stage. The home team shall be solely responsible for the fees and expenses of the match officials.

15b In the event of a draw, 10 minutes each way Extra Time will be played. If there is still a draw after Extra Time, penalty Kicks as per F.I.F.A. Rules will apply. This procedure will apply to local Cup Competitions and any League Play-offs.

15c In the event of a team not fulfilling a fixture arranged by the League's Fixtures Secretary, the Club will be automatically fined €50 for the first walkover and the Team will forfeit the points in a League Competition, or the tie in a Cup Competition. An explanation must be submitted by the Club Secretary to the Hon Secretary of the League within seven days. This explanation will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee who will take whatever action is considered necessary and appropriate in the interests of Schoolboy Football. Failure by a team to fulfill a second or further fixture within the same season will automatically incur a club fine of €75 per fixture, and could incur expulsion of the team from all competitions in the League for that season. Following one walkover by any team in a club, subsequent walkovers by any team in that club will incur a fine of €75.

15d In Local Cup competitions, if a game is called off once, the location of the game reverts to the ground of the opposition.


U11, U12 and U13 Grades - 30 minutes each way

U14 and U15 - 35 minutes each way

U16 - 35 minutes each way

Size if Football

U10, U11, U12 and U13 - Size 4

U14, U15 and U16 - Size 5

15f Premier teams will be excluded from preliminary and 1st round Local Cup matches. The Premier teams will be included in the later rounds.

15. Protests must be sent by registered letter by the protesting club to Hon Secretary of the League within three clear days (Sunday's and Bank Holidays excepted) of the date of playing the match on which the protest arises, and must be accompanied by the Appropriate Fee. An exact copy of the protest must be forwarded at the same time by registered post to the Secretary of the Club protested against. A further 3 days will be granted for the purpose of a cross protest. Postmark to be taken as evidence of the time of posting. In the event of the protest being lost, the fee shall be forfeited. Certificates of Birth of opponents protested against must be paid for by protesting Club if these players are proved under age. All protests shall be decided by the Management, Committee and

16. both Clubs, Club protesting and Club protested against shall be obliged to furnish evidence as required. Local Fee €30.

17. The Disciplinary Committee, being a sub committee of the Management Committee, is empowered to study all referees reports. If they deem that the circumstances so warrant, they can request the appearance of any player, manager or club official at a disciplinary hearing. Three days notice must be given to the Hon. Secretary of the club and if the request is based on a referees report a copy of the report will accompany the request. They are empowered to take whatever action is considered necessary in the interests of schoolboy football. Any unsigned match card will result in an automatic fine of €10. Notice of a disciplinary hearing may be sent through email to the relevant club Hon. Secretary and a scanned copy of the referee’s report(s) may be attached. Results of the disciplinary hearing may also be sent by email to the relevant club Hon. Secretary.

17a. Any player who receives a red card in a Cork Schoolboys League local league or local cup game will automatically miss the next local league or local cup game (whichever comes first) in the age group in which he was sent off.

Any Player who receives a red card in a National Cup game will automatically miss the next National Cup game in the age group in which he was sent off. If the team was beaten in the National Cup game, the player’s automatic suspension will apply to the next local league or local cup game (whichever comes first) at the youngest eligible age group.

18. Any official of a Club, suspended by the League, shall not hold office in his club or act in any capacity within the League.

19. Information given to delegates at delegate meetings and recorded in the minutes will be deemed to have been given to all those entitled to attend including each club secretary. Delegates must be 18 years of age or over.

20. An Honourary Treasurer and an Honourary Secretary shall be elected at the A.G.M. Nominations for these two posts must be forwarded by registered post not later then the 1st May in each year to the Hon. Secretary duly proposed and seconded by Secretaries of Clubs in membership of the League.

21. Control of the League shall be vested in a Management Committee consisting of not more than eleven members elected at the A.G.M. Powers of co-option are vested in the management Committee who may use such powers in appropriate circumstances. No person, not being a retiring Hon. Officer or management committee member shall be eligible for the election to the management committee unless he has not later than the 1st of May in each year, sent by registered post to the Hon. Sec. Of the League a notice in writing signifying his candidature and giving the names and address of his proposer and seconder (who shall be secretaries of clubs in membership of the league). The notice shall be signed by the candidate, his proposer, and his seconder.

22. The A.G.M. shall be held not later than the 30th June of each year. Seven days notice of such meeting shall be given and each affiliated team shall be entitled to one representative. The business of the A.G.M shall be to receive the Annual Report and Statement of accounts, to elect Management Committee and transact such other business as may arise. Club delegates attending such A.G.M. must be over 18 years of age.

23. Meetings of the Management Committee shall be held as the occasion demands all protests of investigations shall be conducted by the Committee. The Management Committee shall have the power to establish such Sub-Committee as it deems necessary and to delegate such functions as may be decided from time to time. Three members of the management committee will be sufficient for the purpose of forming a quorum.

23a. The Management Committee shall at their first meeting after the A.G.M, to be held not later than the 30th June, elect from their number a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to act for the season. The Chairperson or in his absence the Vice Chairperson, shall preside at all meetings and shall conduct the business in accordance with the ordinary rules of procedure of which he/she shall be judge. In all matters the Chairperson will have a casting vote as well as a deliberate vote. The Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer shall chair the 1st meeting and the following positions will be filled: Fixture Secretaries, Registrars, Directors of Coaching, Representatives to S.F.A.I. Executive and Council, Disciplinary Secretary, Disciplinary Committee and PRO. Any Management Committee member who refuses to take up at least one position will be deemed to have resigned at that meeting.

24. The Management Committee shall examine the credentials of all Clubs and their personnel, and shall have the power to accept or reject any application for membership or registration. The Management Committee shall have full power to take any action they consider necessary in the interests of Schoolboy Football, and shall have power to fix all matches and to fine expel, caution, or suspend any player, official or member of a Club's personnel who may be deemed guilty of misconduct. They shall decide all disputes, protests and any questions and/or provide for any contingency not provided for in these Rules. The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with any offending Club or Clubs, player or players, official or officials as they think fit, and to deal with any matter that is not provided for in these Rules.

25. The Hon. Treasurer shall open an appropriate Bank Account as may be approved by the Management Committee, and all funds belonging to the Cork Schoolboys League shall be lodged thereto. All cheques as may occur must be signed by the Chairperson and Hon. Treasurer, or Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The Hon. Treasurer shall submit his accounts to the Management Committee as and when required.

26. Each member of the Management Committee shall be indemnified by this League against all cost, damages, compensation and expenses incurred by him in or about the discharge of his League duties, except such as accrue from his own respective wilful acts and defaults.

27. The properties of the League shall be vested on the Trustees who shall be the Chairman and Hon. Treasurer of the League for the time being.

28. These Rules cannot be annulled, altered or added to except at the A.G.M. and such intended alterations must be forwarded to the League Secretary by March 31st in each year and circulated to the Clubs in membership.

29. The Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary of the Management Committee, shall be for all intents and purposes the legal holders of the Cups in trust for the League. The Committee shall make appropriate arrangements to hand the various Cups to the representatives when the winning Clubs have been declared. They shall make such provision for the safe return of the Cups as they consider necessary. All Cups which are the League's property must be returned by the winning Clubs prior to the 1st March of each year. Failure to return such cups will result in an automatic fine of €50.00 and an additional €50.00 for each subsequent week the cups remain in the clubs possession.

30. Clubs wishing to remain in the League and those seeking admission must make formal application on a form provided by the League not later than 15th of July in each year.

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