Competition:4054  Match:396771  CSL

Referee: Larry Hickey

Carrigaline United B share points with Bweeng Celtic.
6th placed Carrigaline United B were held to a 1-1 draw by 4th placed Bweeng Celtic at Ballea West at 2:45 pm

Carrigaline United B
Form: W D L D W

Bweeng Celtic has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 3 out of its last 4 games.
Form: D W W W

Current League Position
4Bweeng Celtic431010
6Carrigaline United B52218

This competition head to head
20/10/19 2:45 pmCarrigaline United B11Bweeng CelticBallea West

Recent Results in this competition
Carrigaline United B
17/11/19 1:15 pmCarrigaline United B61Leeds A
20/10/19 2:45 pmCarrigaline United B11Bweeng Celtic
06/10/19 11:30 amCastleview A43Carrigaline United B
22/09/19 11:45 amCarrigaline United B44Park United A
08/09/19 11:30 amRiverstown A17Carrigaline United B
Bweeng Celtic
20/10/19 2:45 pmCarrigaline United B11Bweeng Celtic
06/10/19 1 pmBweeng Celtic30Springfield Ramblers B
22/09/19 10 amStrand United A16Bweeng Celtic
08/09/19 1 pmBweeng Celtic72Lakewood Athletic B
Referee Statistics
Larry Hickey4018418

Carrigaline United BBweeng Celtic